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Yackley Bridge Photo Surfaces!

This rickety old wooden bridge was the terror and legend for any kid that was forced to cross it in their parent's car.. Read more..

Let's Talk!

Lisle Radio On-line
Lisle Legend
Andy Yender

talks about Lisle history.
Street names, the water tower, mules building Ogden Avenue, Main Street & more great stuff!
Listen now..

Check These Out!

Some interesting aerial photos from the past...


Lisle Halloween witch burning

And the rules we broke
for some big time fun!!

Send Us Your Daughters!
Lisle Sacred Heart
Why were people shipping their daughters off to Lisle Illinois?
Bill Holub submits a rare look...
Read more.

Serious Men..
With A Serious Task..

Why wasn't Lisle on any maps?
These guys wanted answers...
Read more.

Lisle Main Street School
The music room! The old gym! Those old stairs! It's all here!
We could not believe our luck when we came across these photos!


Lisle Baseball

Rare photos of some
of our old fields & more.

Is Someone
Looking For You?

Have you ever wanted to find someone from your
past years in Lisle?
Hopefully you'll find them here!
Or maybe they'll find you!
Lisle's Lost & Found!
Click here...

Coffee, Pie
and Memories!

lisle diner

How many of us remember the words "Hey! Let's go for coffee?"

Well, long before Starbucks...
There was The Lisle Coffee Shop!
Go back "uptown" and check out this perfect piece of Lisle "Americana" one last time.
Click here.

Do You Remember?

lisle & water tower

If you grew up or lived in Lisle Illinois between 1950 and 1980... You may find this web site interesting.

Lisle Dog N Suds

Talk to almost anyone that grew up in Lisle during this time and you will get an ear full of stories about goofy places, "interesting" people and times that only Lisle folk can appreciate. Read more

Lisle King's Palace

Updated 10/8/06
Read more.

Lisle Book Nook
Who would have imagined the effect a squeaky door would have on one's "psyche." You push the door, you hear the squeaky hinges, and suddenly you find yourself in a place that time and progress has pretty much left behind.

Read more..

Lisle Dispensas Castle of Toys
It wasn't in Lisle but I couldn't resist.
Read more..

Farewell Cock Robin!

Lisle Cock Robin
Cock Robin wasn't in Lisle.. But a quick drive got you there! After 69 years, they tore the last one down to make room for Naperville's "River Walk." On warm Summer nights, nothing was better than a drippy square sherbet ice cream cone!
This newspaper article tells a bit of the story. A little tough to read but interesting.
Click here.

Lisle Tears Down it's History

Lisle Main Street School
On June 11th, 2004, I arrived in our hometown of Lisle, Illinois. While driving downtown on Main street, I discovered that, just two days prior to my arrival, one of the most historic and loved buildings in Lisle had been torn to the ground. The Village of Lisle had decided to demolish the old Main Street School building.
Read more.
Lisle Maxwell's Roller Rink
We've been looking for this for a long time! Check out this 8mm home film clip from Maxwell's Roller Rink. They would set up a tent, crank up the organ music and the "Lisle kids" were ready to party! This footage was shot (looking north) when Maxwell's tent was set up in the field behind the old VFW hall.
Rt. 53 is just to the left.
Awesome Lisle history!
This area is now Honda of Lisle.
Click here.

Lisle snow storm

When I first saw this picture, the memories almost knocked me over! My brother and I used to go up to the train station and help people push their cars out of the snow.
This picture brought me right back to those silent, snowy nights in Lisle.
Click for larger view.

One Photo Found!

And you thought you'd never see this place again? See more.

Some of Lisle's earliest hangouts and what they look like today.

Lisle's Soundtrack

Lisle Train Music
There's nothing like the distant sound of a train to bring your soul right back to Lisle....

Good Bye

To a Neighborhood Classic.

Lisle Cinert's bridge
I was always a bit reluctant to mention this bridge in fear the "Village" would discover it and have it taken down.
Read more.

Children seen in the attic?
"Lights" down by the tracks?

Mysteries of Lisle
...I knew it was time to try to get to the bottom of what I've been wondering about for many years. Read more.

When the Bell Tower Fell.

Plus: Farewell Benedictine Hall

St. Joan of Arc

Sitting atop a hill above Lisle, St. Joan of Arc church stood out like a jewel. Anyone who lived in Lisle will remember the wonderful sound of her bells being heard throughout the town.
Read more.

Get Your News Here!

Lisle Sun Newspaper 1969

Forget about current events! Grab your coffee and drift back 35 years with this partial copy of the Lisle Sun newspaper. Check out the story about Clark Gas Station or the ad for Economy Foods... Or the story about a little field up town that is about to become an A&P store!. There are also a few pieces from 1959.
Read more.

Garfield Goose?
Creature Features?

Now here's an example of why the internet is so cool! Come in and be amazed how these old TV shows awaken your memories. We are still trying to find more but, for now, check these out and let us know what you think okay?
Click here.

We are looking for you!

So what do you remember?
Best places, funniest people, greatest "hide outs," best pranks (you can stay anonymous,) great memories? Pictures? News clips? Interesting places? Suggestions?
Then we would love to hear from you!

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All photos and information contained on this web site is copyrighted and protected.
Any unauthorized use or reproduction is strictly prohibited.
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Lisle Illinois history and historical information from 1950 to 1980 with photos, videos and stories including the tragic demolition of Main Street School.
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