How do I describe this place without sounding silly?

This beautiful little bridge always reminded me of something straight out of a Robin Hood story.
The lush green river banks, the wind through the trees and the peaceful sound of the flowing water over the stones below made this hidden piece of heaven truly magic.
It was the ultimate "secret" meeting place. It was the place to be alone with your thoughts... It was the coolest place to play "army." We used to cross it every day on our way to Main Street School.
For decades it was a part of so many children"s imaginations..
My dad and I used to walk to it when we went for those wonderful summer afternoon walks.

"Cinert's bridge" was built by the Cinert family in the late '60's or so... The bridge crossed the St. Joseph's creek. It was located just behind the Lisle Medical Center on Rt. 53 (just north of Ogden.)

The concept was actually quite simple... They took two telephone poles and placed them over the creek. Then they put up rails and attached heavy green rope for railings. Eventually they replaced the rope with wood and the old bridge stood until 2005. The bridge was always well maintained and added such a unique charm to our neighborhood.

Here's a picture of Cinert's bridge in 2004. Children and adults alike used to love it being in the neighborhood.
It was truly unique!

This picture was taken in April of 2005.

I first mentioned this bridge when I started this web site in 2004. I was afraid to give it's location because I feared the "Village" might learn about it and then insist it be taken down. Well after 30 plus years, the Village of Lisle figured it was time to put an end to it's incredible danger and risk to all good people.

The Village will not allow Cinerts (or you) to have the bridge any longer.

I'm sure there's a long list of "Bozo no no's" that were violated by having this bridge in place.
You know... "Liability," "flood plains," "code violations," "my attorney is bigger than your attorney..." BLAH... BLAH... BLAH...

Either way, my fears were correct... The bridge is now gone.

Thank you so much to the Cinert family from all of us for building the bridge and maintaining it for all those years. Your bridge was such a cool gift to us all and we'll always remember it!

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