Every now and then, former Lisle-ites will send us some
pretty cool things to share on this site...
This is one of those times!

Bill Holub sent us these images that came from a "recruiting" booklet from Sacred Heart Academy in Lisle. This booklet was sent to parents throughout the Chicago-land area. It was intended to convince parents to send their daughters to school in the "beautiful, open country" located just "25 miles" west of Chicago. (I always thought we were 35 miles west... But what do I know? Anyway...) It was a place were their daughters will all have "happy girlish smiles" and "eager, sparkling young eyes!"
My guess is that it's from the early 60s. These pages make some pretty interesting reading.
Scroll to the bottom to see the best photo of all!

Bill Holub wrote the following:

Here is a brochure from Sacred Heart Academy, all girls high school,
when Benet was an all boys school. Benet was co-ed by the time I spent a
couple of years there, thank God!

I'm not sure it was called Benet back when it was an all boys school.
You needed a score card to keep up with all the name changes at the high
school, and just across the street at the college.

Sacred Heart was constructed in 1911 (West Wing) and 1929 (East Wing),
as noted on the back of the post card.

There is a bonus picture in the brochure. The corner of Maple and Route
53. I am not sure of the year, based on the car and the fact I don't see
Smitty's Standard on the corner, it's an old one!
Notice on the map in the brochure... Lisle is on the map, and Downers
Grove is not!!!

Bill Holub

Here is a prize picture if I've ever seen one... This 1960s
picture is looking west at the intersection of Maple and Route 53.
Where's Jewel / Osco??? How did we ever survive???
I mean c'mon! Is this an awesome shot or what?

This picture was taken near the same intersection today.
In the distance, you can see the "smoke stacks" and the water tower.
The Sacred Heart building still exists today. However, the beautiful vinyards and orchards
that were located just west have been built-in with town homes and additional office buildings.

Thanks again Bill Holub for this submission


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