Ask any former Lisle resident... What the sound of a distant train horn reminds them of? Most likely it will take them back to the days of living in Lisle and the sound of trains passing through town at all hours.
I love to remember late night homework sessions. Sitting up at home with the window open... A cool breeze and that wonderful sound of an approaching train in the distance. Hmmm. Almost haunting...

For many, it's a sound that reminds them of "rush hour" in Lisle. Maybe it takes them back to being a kid playing down by the tracks. (I know that sounds crazy but we used to goof around down there all the time!)
Either way, the sound of distant trains has always been a part of the "sound-track" of Lisle. Since the late 1800's, those "steel giants" have been providing Lisle with a sound that brings so many of us back... If only in our minds.
Here is a great postcard photo that shows the Lisle train depot around 1909.
Here is a photo looking east around the 1880's or 90's.
Lisle's original Main Street (now known as Front street) can be seen on the right.

Here is a photo from 1908 - 09 looking west down "Main Street" now known as Front Street. You can see it in the above photo on the far right. Joe Riedy's Hardware later became the building were the St. Joan's congregation met before the main church was built. It went on to be the Lisle Library. This was one of Lisle's last historic buildings and it was torn down this past year (2005.)
The building on the far right was Long's Blacksmith shop. It later became Lisle fire station #1 where Julius "Slip" Long became Lisle's first fire chief.

Note: Those wagons (in the foreground) are loaded with large milk cans.
Here's a photo from the 1960's looking north/east on Front Street. In the background you can see the Lisle train station...
In the foreground (on the right) is a shed with a sign that says "Albert Riedy Office... Hardware, Lumber, Coal and Grain."
Many of you will remember Riedy's Hardware & Lumber. This great picture shows their building located on the west side of Main (just across from the fire station.) Their sign also says "Established 1889"
Also, this has got to be one of our best photos of the Lisle water tower!

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