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The Lisle VFW Post

Prior to King's Palace, this building was home to the Lisle VFW. The field in back was the site for baseball games, Maxwell's Roller Rink, my friend's and I's "army commando" games and even a circus now and then.
It was located where "Honda of Lisle" is today.
Here is an enhanced "close-up" from the same picture showing more detail. Pretty cool huh?
Here's a shot of my brother & sister flying a kite in the field behind the VFW. The picture is "looking" North East and that's Main Street in the background.
Just out of site is the Lisle "greenhouse."
(Oh yeah... The kite was one of those new "clear cellophane" kites with the print of a red jet plane on it. It didn't need a tail and it flew with the slightest wind... Awesome!)
This is the Lisle VFW today. Located on Rt. 53 just across from the Lisle Bowl.

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