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Al Lee (Class of "77")

I was just informed about your web page during John Crowley's 50th birthday party; his Mother was a teacher at Tate Woods School. The web page brought back many memories, like the Book Nook, where our gang of local Main St. kids use to congregrate after playing baseball at Main st. school.
The Kings Palace fire reminded me of the Wagon Wheel's fire (on Ogden). Then the mention of the Minuette, which their parking lot use to be Frank and Hazel's bar. Which we all walked by after getting our of Main st. school on the way home.

Keep up the good work.

Kris (Magiera) Herbst

I found your site through a link on the Class of 1980’s web page. I have been meandering through it over the past few days and it has been lots of fun. You’ve done a great job with it. I can’t believe the memories it brings back of things that have been pushed to the back of my brain for a long time. Some of things I am too young to remember but still enjoy the history very much. I completely agree that trying to convey to others just how unique Lisle was is difficult. Small town charm, big city advantages. We really had it all.

My family lived in Lisle from about 1967 to 1995. My parents built a house in 1967? On South Rd. in the Meadows, they built a 2nd house on Queens Cove in, I believe, 1971 where they lived until they retired to NC in 1995. I graduated from Lisle HS in 1988 and worked at a summer camp in WI that summer and went away to college that Fall. I was back periodically after that for short visits until my parents moved away. That last time I drove away from our house was definitely a little sad for me. I knew I would never be able to bring my children (you know, the ones I didn’t even have yet at the time) “home”. I was back in 1998 for my 10-year class reunion and that was the last time I got off the Interstate in Lisle. I’ve whizzed by on I-88 a few times since then on my way to and from Chicago and just quickly peered down 53. I now have my own family and have always wanted to give them a childhood like I had. I Jan. of this year we built a house in the 1st Addition of a new neighborhood in Bettendorf / Pleasant Valley, IA. It was previously farmland. The School District owns land w/in ½ a mile to build a new Elementary School. There are lots of kids on the street already and it’s a blur of bicycles, scooters, and impromptu baseball every evening. It’s the closest I could come to replicating what I had in the context of today’s world.

Some of my fondest memories include:

· Time spent at the Morton Arboretum. We were members there and I remember taking nature and art classes there as a kid. Even as I got older it was always one of my favorite spots to “get away”.

· I definitely remember going to the Old Library on Front Street.

· Since we lived in the Meadows, we used to ride our bikes over to the White Hen in Four Lakes a lot. That area certainly changed a lot while I was growing up.

· Joe’s Flowers on 53!

· Barone’s Pizza. We got carryout every Sat. night.

· The Omega Restaurant on Ogden. Wasn’t it open 24 hours?

· Meadows Swim Club. Exploring the cornfield behind it that is now I-355.

· I remember playing all up and down (and following deep into Woodridge) the creek behind Meadow’s school. Yes! Dead Man’s creek. No, I don’t why they called it that.

· Trinity Lutheran Church on 53 & Kimberly. I have tons of memories here but one a lot of people might remember was the luminaries they put all over the lawn on Christmas Eve. Sometimes Pilots used to call in that they had seen them from the air when flying in to O’Hare.

· Lisle Track and Mr. Nally.

I have a Master’s in Geography and Urban Planning and did an internship in Historic Preservation when I was in school. It’s sad to see the things that have been done wrong in Lisle. I know from experience how hard the whole process can be but there are plenty of examples out there of communities that place more emphasis on balancing Preservation, Re-use, progress, and new development. I don’t work in the Planning field anymore but a few years ago I had a private sector planning job for a non-profit group that hired the same firm that did Lisle’s Master Plan. They were good talented people to work with and I can say that draft those concepts based on the ideas presented to them (I’m guessing the Village Board in this case). I think they mention something in there about “community input” or something to that effect. I know this also can be a frustrating method. We did several projects for which we adamantly sought community input. We mailed notices, put up flyers, advertised in the newspaper, went door to door and even held workshops right w/in neighborhoods where the projects would be built. Turnouts were almost always low. When the projects are later designed and presented, plenty show up to criticize. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not at all a fan of the “change all the downtown storefronts to a Prairie style strip mall” idea. Bleh. The good news is, lots of things written into a Master Plan don’t necessarily come to fruition. I left after HS graduation and haven’t lived there since. My opinion doesn’t mean anything. If tax-paying citizens organize into one voice and have some well-defined ideas for what they want for Lisle. I believe they have a chance to save some History and some of what makes Lisle unique. There are ways…

Well I just wrote a book here so I wrap it up. Thanks for giving us a little place in cyberspace to come and keep our collective memories alive and well.


Kris (Magiera) Herbst

John R. Wysocki
I was in St. Joes' Bohemian orph from 1941-1945 (age 71/2 - 12)

Many storys to tell. My dorm was on the 4th floor left side. I was left handed and a bed wetter- not good back then. Everyone had a job and mine was operating the rinse booth in the dish washing room - twice daily and everyday. I was boarded there for $15 month. The boys and girls playgrounds were separated by a road and were fenced. We did play together in the gym during the winter but were supervised by several nuns. If you want to hear more let me know.

YES we want to know more!!! YES!!! Can we send money??? YES!

Mary Womack (Shepard)
RE: The Book-Nook

I read your article and found it very interesting. I worked at the Book Nook for Vangie and (I can't remember her husbands name, but he was blind.) in 1965 when I was in high school in Lisle. i don't know if it's the same john Reeder that I graduated with (Opie). Anyway, I now live in Arizona and hadn't been back to Lisle until about 3 years ago. I couldn't believe how it had changed. I left the area in 1981. Anyway, the site was great.

RE: St. Joan of Arc

The fire escape "shoot" was THE best place to play! At least until the priests caught you.

A Men!

Kathleen (Hayes) Eubanks

Mike, you have done an outstanding job with this website. It has been such a pleasure to see the places and faces from my childhood.

I would like to see if anyone from the Class of 1970 would be interested in a reunion.

I lived in Lisle from birth through 1973, and my heart was ripped out when they tore down the Main Street School. My parents both attended there (my mother and I even had the same teacher), and my grandpa, Fritz Baumgartner, was a custodian there for years. Do you mean to say that nothing but bricks was salvaged? What a crime!

Do you remember the old viaduct on Main Street when it was constructed of wood, and when the trains went overhead the sound would just about vibrate your teeth out of your head? I used to go with my grandpa to Riedy's Hardware Store to get baby chicks when granddad needed to repopulate his henhouse (we were a chicken-for-dinner-every-Sunday family).

I remember the Petrys used to live just north of the Lisle Bible Church (what an interesting little building that was!), and we probably saw you in church, too. Give my best regards to your mother.

Again, thanks so much for putting this together. For everyone who lived in and loved Lisle, it's like a family album.


My sister told me about this website. I can't believe all the memories it evokes! We used to live on Route 53 at the corner of Lisle Place, across from where the Riedy's Funeral Home (and beauty salon) was; later it was the VFW. My grandparents lived next door
(my biological ones, that is; it seemed that no matter where you went in Lisle, you always had "spiritural" grandparents keeping watch, too). Nels' Old Time Inn (the Taggerts' tavern) was right at the end of the street, next to Riedy's Sinclair station. Of course, we were never allowed anywhere near that place, and naturally it held an almost mystical fascination for us.
My grandfather was the custodian at Main Street School for years (my mother attended gradeschool there and we had the same 2nd grade teacher she had - WHOA!). I can still remember walking to August Riedy's (around the corner from St. Joan) with Grandpa to milk the goats for him. We attended Lisle Bible Church on Route 53, and later the Congregational Church on Ogden Avenue (is Imogene Beals still next door?). We shopped at Holger and Myrtle Hansen's IGA (it was either the IGA or Richtarek's Economy Foods - period). Loved the Yackley Avenue bridge photo; nothing was scarier than driving down that incline, unless it was riding your bike at what seemed like supersonic speed. I can't believe the grotto at Sacred Heart is gone. Incidentally, we lived right next to the Burlington tracks, so the trains played a big part in our lives (I think my internal clock is still set to their schedule), we could see the water tower on the other side of the tracks (next to Marek's and that ornamental iron place), and I remember that sometimes excursions would be run from Aurora to Chicago with those huge old black-smoke-belching locomotives that you could hear from a mile away. AND who could forget the peony field across from the stores on Main Street, Leo's Cleaners, Adolph's Barber Shop, Havelandt's Cameras, Melton's Dry Goods, Reynold's Drug Store, the old Army/Navy surplus store, and (ew!) Dr. Lenart's dentist office that always smelled of cloves, and the old post office with its banks of brass boxes and either old Mrs. Sutter or Earl scowling at you through the barred window. See what I mean? This is a terrific website and I will spread the word. Thank you again for finding those places in the heart that are most dear to me.

Gary Klima

Hey Mike,

I sent you this a while ago, and I never heard anything about it. Then, I read something about a computer crash you had, which probably lost them. Anyhoo,
I'm resending these pics of Sam Sutter/King's Palace treasures, which commemorated the celebration of 76. They are curtousy of Glen Canale, who came across them strored away in his archives.
They are an original King's palace ashtray and coaster.


Gary... You are right. You had sent these before but my computer decided to go south.
Someday I hope to have someone put their cigarette out on my face... But until then... we have these unbelievable gems!
Click here to read and see more about Kings Palace.

N.C. Benson

Before the VFW it used to be Riedy's funeral home. I believe in the 40 or 50s. We have been residents of Lisle for 53 years. I also don't see any thing about Henrichs lumber and feed store and apartment building. on Front and Spencer. I used to work for him.

P.S. I have a computer but I have things blocked.


Hi Mike,
Last month, my sisters and I had a half-hour to spare on our way to Midway and a flight back to Arizona. It was just enough time to stop at the Book Nook...the one place all three of us remembered so fondly from our childhoods in Lisle. The candy was no longer a penny a piece, but we each bought a big bagful of BBbats, bulls eyes, Sugar Babies, Atomic Fireballs, Kats, etc. for our trip home. Sigh.

Here's a picture of my sisters, Laura (Burba) Hagerty and Susan (Burba) Latin shopping for candy at the Book Nook in June 2006.

Thanks for the memories, Mike.

Peggy (Burba) Hazard

Bonnie Lyman

Sorry it took me so long to get this picture to you, but here it is! This photo was taken from behind the house I grew up in on Burlington Avenue in Lisle. My guess is that is was taken in the late 1950's.

This absolute amazing "Crown Jewel" of a photo had me hyper-ventilating for week! What a great, not to mention RARE, picture of the old wooden Yackley bridge going over the railroad tracks. Because the telephone wires are on the right, this photo is obviously looking west. We all thank you Bonnie!
Click here to read more about Yackley bridge.


Dear Michael,
I went to your web site today after reading an article in the Sun. At first I found the information interesting and entertaining. That is until I got to the photograph and comments regarding the old "Kelly's Shoe Store", and the new condo building that has replaced it.

"Miserable looking"? Excuse me, I happen to live in that building, along with 58 other owners. Would you like to read on a web site that YOUR home is "Miserable Looking"? Oh wait, I did find pictures of your old home, I will take the higher road and not comment.


Hi Mike,

Just wondered, with all your Lisle contacts, if you have an email address for Marilyn Cawiezel at the Lisle Heritage Society. I wanted to let her know (and now, you, since I'm writing this to you) that my mom, Elaine Lockett, passed away this last Thursday, July 6. I tried going to the Heritage's website and sending a note through their email address, but it came back as undeliverable.

Thanks for any help you can give me -
Sherry (Lockett) Ligeski

Hi Sherry.
My family and I are so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. I can still hear her voice as plain as day.... Always friendly and full of love.
(No, I don't have Marilyn's email address but I'll post this on the RL web site and maybe someone does.)

Kathy Schalkey Richardson
I'm so sad to hear about Mrs. Lockett's passing. She was just the nicest woman I have ever met in my life! In an era of scary-mean teachers, she was an oasis of kindness and smiles. I remember one time I lost a dime that I needed to buy a newspaper after school. I was very young and of course VERY upset by the loss. Mrs. Lockett dried my tears and gave me a new dime. A silly little story, but it has stayed with me for 40 years. You should be very proud of what a lovely woman your Mother was.

Mary Ann(Reeder) Johnson
Hello Sherry:
So very sad to hear of your mother passing away. She was a lovely woman. My mother, Pearl, was the playground supervisor at the time I attended Main St. School. I remember how Mrs. Lockett would bring out a glass of water for her on those warm Spring Days before school let out for the summer. Our family extends our deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Jill Dalton Smith

Hi Mike,
My little sister (Joan Dalton Garner) found your website yesterday. She may have only been in the 2nd grade when my family moved away. But she loved it so much. She is constantly searching for a link back. Thanks for giving her such a gift. Myself (Jill Dalton Smith) and my older brother (Larry Dalton) graduated in Lisle, I married a Lisleite (Steve Smith). I wanted to share a photo from our family, in hopes that it might jog some memories for a lot of people. It's of the old Smitty's Standard on 53 and Maple. I know a lot of guys worked there and played there. Lee and Sue Smith who owned the business were so well liked by everyone. We lost Lee a few years ago, and I know Sue would really be pleased to share our memories of a great Lisle establishment.
Regards, Jill

Smitty's Standard on 53 and Maple

Looking close-up at Smitty's Standard. Notice the 63 (?) Chevy on the left and the great pick-up on the right.


Thank you so much to you and anyone else responsible for getting us these photos. Do you have any idea how many people will look at this old picture and think to themselves "OH COOL!!"
Notice the tires out in front of the garage? You don't see that any more.
Oh the days of (cover the kid's ears now) "service" stations! (Okay... It's safe to uncover them!)
Also, notice the signs advertising that they have a pay phone and to "Try our service!"


King's Palace memorabilia!

Bob Thompson

Hi Mike,
Courtesy of Steve and Kristy Wavra of Lisle are these gems.
The first is a place mat from the table, and the other is a postcard.

Click image to see the larger view. Click image to see the larger view.

Bob... Bob...
I want you to consider something here...
Consider the fact that there is no where on this earth where you could find these priceless gems...
Now, thanks to you, Steve and Kristy, they can be found here.
This may be what launches this web site to be named the coolest web site of all time!

Click here to read more about King's Palace
Also, someone sent us a scan of a "Sam Sutter" King's Palace ashtray but we lost it during a terrible computer crash. Hopefully another will resurface.

Ted J. Lobello
SPC "66" IBC "86"

I really enjoyed your visit with Fr. Jude and the information about the High School and the Orphanage. I attended St. Procopius College from 1959 through 1966 when I finally graduated. I was fortunate enough to be in a group that got to live in the old dormitory (not the original) behind the main building of St. Procopius Academy. Twelve of us from the college were given the opportunity to live "off campus". We still were to maintain the rules and regulations of the dorms at the college but were left very much on our own. We got to eat wonderful food prepared by the ladies (I believe they were Oblates who lived in a home west of the Academy) who made sure that we were fed three delicious meals a day.

I agree with Fr. Jude that it was a terrible decision that was made to tear down the original Benedictine Main Building. Most schools are proud of their heritage and keep some of the original buildings by renovating them and finding uses for them. Not St. Procopius, Illinois Benedictine College, Illinois Benedictine University or Benedictine University or whatever it is called now. Imagine the uproar if Notre Dame chose to tear down the famed Golden Dome.

I have chosen to disassociate myself from this institution because of its short sightness and its disdain for history. I am glad someone wrote about the orphanage and wish that someone would write about the college and all the activities around "the slew" and other areas of interest.

Thanks for the great story.

BJ Gregory

Hi Mike,
So, as an RL junkie, I check the web site every day or so. I saw the latest installment on the Yackley Bridge. Your plea for a current photo
moved me to action. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that I am photo impaired - the good news is that what I lack in ability I make up for in proximity. So, attached is a photo that I took yesterday at lunchtime. Do with it what you like. By all means feel free to use it until someone with better skills sends you something to replace it with. (See BJ's photo at Lisle Then & Now)
BJ Gregory

PS I have not responded to your radio plea for a digital photo of the aerial photo that hangs in the old high school, because I doubt that I have the camera or skills to capture it. I HAVE however, found a picture of it that someone else took. This was buried on the official LHS web site under alumni/lisle1972.

You're right BJ. We would just love to have a hi-quality digital photo of that picture. I used to love to just sit and stare at it on my way to the office. Thank you for the effort!

BJ also wrote:

The beautiful weather got me out of the building today at lunch time, and I took a drive through the old neighborhood. I stopped at the Methodist Church and took some pictures of the totem pole that Nancy Forst (Couch) was asking about. The concrete bench is still there, as is the Mulberry tree (The best climbing tree EVER!). I grew up just a few houses away from the church, and spent many an hour in that
tree or sitting on the inexplicable concrete pad at it's base. Today if you stand facing west, and ignore that I-355 is at your back, the whole area is remarkably the same as it was in the late 60s and early 70s. Please don't let anyone from the town government find out - they will Naperize it for sure.

Rick Cluxton,
Class of 1981 LSH,
Naperville IL

Hey Mike, Great site. My brother told me I had to check it out, and can you believe it, he was right this time. It's a really cool site. Do you or anyone else remember cruising at Ogden 6 on Friday and Saturday nights? What a great way to spend a nice summer night. Or how about Santa Fe Speedway? Me and a few good friends had a lot of fun there. And then there were the bonfires we use to have at Wendy Orbells house. And how about the Car Shows at Diehl Auto. Ah the Good Old Days!!! I saw the letter Mark Garbe sent in, Do you remember his old car ? I think he bought it from Tom Dooley. I'm attaching some photos of Mark's car, my old car ( The blue and white Cobra II ), Diehl Auto Car Show, Santa Fe . Anyway it is truly a GREAT SITE, and Thanks for the Memories.

Thanks Rick!
And those cars are totally "bitchen?" Um, "Choice?..." "Boss.." "Sweet..."
Also, I wonder if anyone remembers the US-30 radio commercials where that guy would yell SUNDAY! AT SSMOKIN' US-30 DRAGSTRIP!!!!! To this day when anyone, including my kids, say the word Sunday, there's a part of my mind saying SUNDAY!!!! AT SMOKIN.... Anyway... You know what I'm sayin. Click here to see a cool nostalgia site dedicated to US-30 Drag strip.


Chip Buss
Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Hey Mike,
I'm always checking the site for updates and enjoying it.
" US30 dragstrip" came up recently and got me to thinking.... I think, and don't hold me to this, but I seem to recall that Roy Kroener and friends (maybe Denny Dooley and Al 'Frenchy' LeClerq) took Roy's Dad's Olds or Buick or whatever to US30 and made a couple of passes and since it was the only 'Family' car in it's class, he was able to come home with a trophy. Maybe that story is only a legend. It's been a really long time. Maybe someone else can verify the story or tell me I'm full of it.
I love your website.


Christopher Varney

Ran across your website while cruising for info on the old Dispensa's Castle of Toys, and took particular interest in the old "witch burnings" that Lisle used to have each fall. I recall these, and know exactly why they were suspended. My father, George Varney, was mayor at the time, and I specifically remember seeing a letter on his desk (with a pentagram watermark) from an area coven of witches (whom we would today call "wiccans") threatening legal action on grounds of religious discrimination were the "witch burnings" not either cancelled or renamed. After this, I remember the "witch burnings" were quickly renamed "goblin burnings" and then later cancelled altogether.

Also, Wanted to pass the following along, and see if it sounded familiar:

Although it was strictly a rumor, I heard the King?s Palace restaurant (which my family visited once in 1974) was torched when the owner got involved with the mob. But I?m not sure what the real story is. I suspect the fire was caused by something electrical, or some other type of accident. Obviously, however, the restaurant was never rebuilt.

Another local rumor is that the apartments above what is now the Fox Restaurant (formerly the Minuette) once housed a brothel.

Again, these were just area rumors, and I have no idea if they are even remotely true.

Just thought you might like the info...
Best of luck with the website; it's very cool.

Christopher Varney


Jacquie Hope

I remember going to dances in this building before it became the Kings palace. It must have been in the mid 1960’s.

Jacquie Wurth Hope Chapman

Rob McKenna
Geneva Illinois

Hey Mike,

What a great site. I've had hours of fun looking at everything and reliving the "Good Old Days" Thanks for all your hard work.
I grew up in the Meadows and one of my early memories was playing baseball down at the fields behind Meadows Elementary School, or at the ball field by Main Street School. After each game, the parents would take us all over to the 7-Eleven store on Route 53, near Maple Ave. Each kid would get a " Slurpee" and stand outside the front door and talk about the game as we enjoyed our summer time treat. The "Slurpee's" would come in these plastic cups and there would be a picture of a Major League Baseball Player on the Cup. It had all his stats etc...printed on the cup. If you were really lucky, you would get one of the cups that had a "Hall Of Fame Player" on it. These were collector cups and you would take them home, wash them out and save them. I ended up collecting these things forever and I eventually
stacked them all up to make a massive tower of cups that went all the way up to the ceiling. At some point, years after I had moved out, my mother found them in a store room, and ended up throwing them out. If only e-bay had been invented back then, maybe I could had earned a few bucks!!! HA.

Another thing about that 7-Eleven. They had one of the first pinball machines just as you came in the door. My friends and I would ride our
bikes there from the Meadows, and play that thing for hours. I can not remember what machine it was, but maybe someone out there does.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for all the memories.

Rob McKenna


Can anybody get a hold of the square ice cream scooper that Cock Robin used for their ice cream?

Lynn (Razee) Dillon


When I saw your article "Mysteries of Lisle," a mystery that I've wondered about came right to my mind. I grew up in "The Meadows" and there was something called "Dead Man's Creek". Many stories were told about the creek and dead people and my parents would never let me go there. One day my curiosity got the better of me and I rode my bike there. There was just wooded area with a creek. Was there ever a story about Dead Man's Creek?

This is a great site! Thanks so much!

Thank you Lynn!
I think I recall hearing something years ago but I really can't recall.. It would be great to hear more.

Tom " Tweet" Robinson

Lots of memories of good times and good friends.. And sitting on the fenders of my old Mercury in front of Erves (see Lisle Coffee Shop) playing guitar and talking with old friends. Thanks for the memories Mike. .

Tim Bedore
Lisle, IL

Hi Mike,

I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed the site. I did go to the Booknook recently after reading your review to hear the door creak and look at the floor.

Do you remember the Hobbyshop, Mike? (of course you do).

If I'm not mistaken, when you entered the Hobbyshop, a bell rang. I used to go there with my pal Tommy Tivador and look at AFX race cars in a spinning case, occasionally buying one for $5.50 plus tax. Our journeys to "town" on our banana seat bikes were much less frequent than our 7-11 stops at the corner of Maple and 53 due to proximity. That was Lisle I guess but admittedly not "town". Going ALL THE WAY to town was a bigger deal especially so young.

In our later summers (12 or 13) we advanced to Estes Rockets from the Hobby Shop and would buy a lightweight rocket and launch it literally out of sight with oversized D engines. One of the first rockets I bought I spent considerable time spray painting in the garage and assembling complete with parachute. I'll never forget seeing it jettison 1,000's of feet into the
Lisle suburban blue sky in a split second SSSSSCCCCCHMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and then finally spotting it parachuting gently down somewhere way far away in Woodridge probably near Hobson road. We looked and looked on our bikes and by foot. Never found it. Those were the days!

Thanks again for all the effort.


The Hobby Shop?? How about those little square bottles of "model" paint and the small paint brushes??? You could even buy fuse that would burn under water... Totally cool!

Terri Cinert
Lisle, IL

You know, its so funny to sit here and read all the things about lisle. I myself will have a hard time even moving away from Lisle. I have a feeling when I do and I move back, I wont even recognize it. Its very irritating how they feel the need to turn it into the next Naperville.
Anyway, regarding the Cinert's bridge. I grew up playing on that bridge. It too, took our family to the church across the street, the dentist building, and friends across 53. And for my sisters and brothers they crossed it to get on the school bus. My brothers and sisters and I use to go under it and build dams. We used to just go and sit on it and watch the (small amount) fish.
Its funny my dad had a tree house in that tree there, we were never allowed to have a tree house! And my dad didn't even like it when my neighbor put a swing in the tree for us!

So, yes I am one of the Cinert boys daughter. I grew up in that house, with the trees, and the bridge to get across the river.
I have a lot of memories of that bridge as well. One night when it was storming really badly, I woke up and went and checked on the river. It was very high, so I woke my dad up. And the first thing we had to do was get some chains and tie down the bridge to the trees. So both my brothers and sisters and my dad and I, we all went out and found as many chains in the garage as possible, and in the middle of terrible lightening we went out and tied the chains around the bridge and around the big tree on our side of the river bank. If we didn't get to that in time and get that done, the bridge would have floated down to the 53 bridge and the village would have sued us for damaging it. Well, it did flood and the bridge did come loose, and the only thing that saved it and kept it in our yard was those chains. And a couple days later my brother in law welded a holder for it on the other side. Ah the memories.

Its sad my dad had to tear it down. I'm sure he was really upset about it as well. His dad built it. It was however getting very unsteady. It didn't matter how many new boards he put on it, it just wouldn't have been safe for much longer, I even got to a point where I was afraid to cross it. We had to put no trespassing signs up cause kids would come and try to tear it apart, they would try ripping boards off. Then the signs didn't work so my dad had to just block the entrances up.
I miss the bridge a lot. I'm sad that my nephews and nieces wont have it to play on like we did. They wont even remember it or know it was there. Last weekend my nephew and I needed to walk to Amoco, and I was like "ill just walk across the bridge" dah!! There isn't a bridge anymore. Every fourth of july, we would take the bridge to 53 to walk to the fest, and I still always forget, its not there anymore.
Its just not the same.

One of the Cinert's.

Thanks so much for writing to us about the old bridge!

Not too long ago I walked down to where the bridge used to be. Oh that wonderful place...
I could still hear the echoes of us kids playing on it.. Or my brother and I sitting with our legs dangling over the side, watching the water below and both of us just talking. It was like visiting a place straight out of a child's imagination. The memories were amazing to say the least.

Sitting here typing this I catch myself smiling... Because I can still feel how it would bounce when you jogged accross it.

As I walked along the river bank and next to that old tree that stood next to the bridge, (seen in the picture below) I noticed the remains of one small item. An item that seemed to be just one last reminder... As I looked down to the base of the tree, I noticed that a piece of the chain that was once used to anchor the old bridge was still tied to the tree. And not only was it attached to the tree but the tree, over the years, had actually grown around the chain itself making the chain now a permanent part of the tree trunk.

I'm not sure why I was so surprised and happy to see it... Maybe it was like finding a small piece of evidence...
A small reminder that it WAS real... And that it was a truly magical place to have as a part of our world growing up in Lisle

Click here to read more about Cinert's bridge.

Follow ups to this letter:

Ted Garringer
Hagerstown, Maryland

My brother Dave and I crossed Mr. Cinert's bridge whenever we had to go to Doctor Knoblock's office to have our teeth worked on... Doctor Knoblock had a dental office in the medical building across the creek from where the Cinert's lived... At the time we lived on Chelsea Street right next to Mr. Yender.

I thank you for your interview with Mr. Yender and I thank you for taking the time and effort to produce this web site...


Ted Garringer

Ted Vodicka

Hi Mike
What a great web site! I have spent many hours remembering home! I sure miss Lisle. I read some letters and can help with some detective work!!! The picture of the old Phillip's 66 station was taken in about 1983 there was a welding shop there. He used to make wrought iron fencing

Keep up the great work!
Ted Vodicka

Hey Ted... You're right. It was an old welding shop (below) after it was the Phillip's 66. Thanks for the detective work!
And please say hello to your brother Chris and his wife Julie... He was the greatest wrestler of all time!!

Joe Caruso
San Antonio, TX

Sing it with me: "Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois...come to Dispensa's Castle of Toys."

Thanks for the memories,


Callaghan, Jill

I graduated from Benet Academy in 2002. I was working on a history project of Naperville when I ran across this website. I laughed when you said that you wondered if the students ever tried to imagine the buildings as an orphanage. I guess I did a little bit when I went to school there, but the longer that I have not been back at Benet the more I think about the strangeness of the place where I went to high school. I wish I would have appreciated its history more when I went there. This website was so intruiging and has made me want to go back and get the same informative tour from Father Jude! I had multiple classes in the rooms that you showed photographs of- for example, the picture with the beds and the children praying- that is where I had study hall!!! I just wanted to say that your website was great and I loved the story!

Liz Peña (Young)

Dear Friends from Lisle:
I just found out about you, my sister Beth Gregor told me. I bet you don´t remember me, I was a AFS student at Lisle Senior High School of Class 1973, I lived With My Webster Family, Donne, Jane, Beth, David, Michel and Jeff.
My name back then was Liz Young, right now my name is Liz Peña. I am from a very beautiful and warm country in Central America, Honduras.
Thanks for this website, keep in touch.

Karen Tivador
Tampa Bay FL


Great web site! Talk about memories.. My sister sent this site to me. We grew up on 59th St. in the Meadows and I love showing my kids how there Mom really grew up and where. I just took my son back there two years ago and showed him where I lived and how things have changed. I talk about Cock Robin and Root Beer floats from Dog n Suds that my dad loved.

Thanks for the memories!

Cindi (Patrick) Donaldson
Wichita, Kansas

Looking at this site brings back such GREAT childhood memories. I remember all throughout school hating history and always asking myself why we had to learn about it. Who would have guessed that now at age 45, I am searching for things in my history? I haven't been back to Lisle since 1979 and I've heard it has changed so much that I wouldn't recognize it. Does anyone remember the great fun the local bowling alley provided us? HA THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

I now remember memories I had forgotten. The old A&P, I remember when they first came out with self tanning lotion. Me, Brenda Box and a friend named Kathy bought the biggest bottle in the store. Needless to say, we were orange for a week. The Dairy Freeze (Dari Castle) had the best ice cream ever. After AJ moved away from home I had the pleasure of helping take care of his palomino horse, who still lived in the backyard. AJ's mother use to let me bang the keys on her piano.

Does anyone remember back in 4th grade when Bobby Hall racked himself so bad that he had to be taken to the hospital?

My saddest memory of living in Lisle is when Kenny Anderson accidentally got shot by his brother and died. I think I cried for a month, Kenny was such a good kid.

We shouldn't be embarrassed of Rosie, every town has a Rosie. In Mayberry, Otis was their Rosie. Is there anyone else out there who use to sneak away to Naperville and hang out at the Dunkin Donuts? Those were great times.

I want to thank you for putting this site together. You allowed me to re-live memories that I had forgotten. I found your site while trying to look for an old school friend, Brenda Box. I haven't been able to locate her, but finding this site has brought me great joy. I can remember swimming in your pool a couple of times as a kid. It's sad that all things in life have to change. If only there were something's that could remain the same. Yes, they may change the face of the Lisle we once knew, but they can never change the Lisle we remember in our hearts. Thanks for the memories.


I remember going downtown just under the tracks and stopping at the fire station and playing a game of pool with the local firefighters. There was a kid that lived in Lisle by the name of Edgar Moon and he use to beat the firefighters all the time in a game of pool. This was in the early 70s.

I went to visit the town several years ago and it has changed so much that I almost didn't realize I was in Lisle. The old Clark gas station was gone, the old dairy Queen or was it Tasty Freeze? (Dari Castle) is something else now. The old Lisle Sr. High School is still there but they built another one in another part of town . The Police Station is just before you enter a park now and the new High School, it's not downtown anymore. The Old Wagon Wheel is no longer there. How time flies and things change.

I would love to live back then when we all were great neighbors and said hello and waved to each other. We didn't have to chain down something that we left in the yard over night because if we left it there we knew it would be there the next morning. I remember the witch Burning, oh what fun that was, and then going Trick or Treating and not being afraid that someone was going to snatch you up or harm you. I remember the carnival coming to town each year and being in the A&P lot there at Ogden and Main St. I remember acting up in school and getting a good swat on the rear and then getting it worse when I got home

I miss living in Lisle and wish I could remember some friends that I use to hang around with, but my memory isn't all that great and it's even worse with names.

My sister told me about this site and I had to check it out, what a great job and a lot of time it took to create this site, THANK YOU and I will continue to come back to see updates.

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